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Why should we choose Functional Therapy and Rehab over other Physical Therapy providers?

Functional Therapy and Rehab provide a unique service delivering outpatient physical therapy rehabilitation to clients in the comfort of their own home, office or assisted living centers. This convenience allows less stress and great outcomes for our clients. You will always see the same licensed physical therapist each visit, with one-on-one treatment, for 45 minutes up to a full hour. We have found that this results in better outcomes with quicker results. Functional Therapy and Rehab uses only licensed physical therapists and does not use aides or PT assistants.


What are the advantages of home Physical Therapy versus going to a clinic?

There are many advantages of home Physical Therapy, one of them being that older patients will not have to worry about driving or getting a ride to a clinic 2-3 times a week. Also, having a Physical Therapist, with outpatient experience, come to your house, office or assisted living, will lead to better attendance and therefore can lead to quicker recovery.

Is Functional Therapy and Rehab a home health agency?

No. Our business is comprised of physical therapists in private practice. Our physical therapists are also trained in providing outpatient physical therapy services, the same as the therapists working in outpatient therapy clinics, except our therapist bring their outpatient therapy skills in patient's homes, office or assisted living centers.

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